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January 5, 2018

Remembering a Leader of Principle: Gov. Brendan Byrne

Sometimes, the person meets the moment, and the country, or a state, leaps ahead. The New Jersey we love hasn’t always been in step with the times. For years, the Garden State lived far below its...
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December 7, 2017

Fund for New Jersey Offers Policy Guidance for New Governor and Legislature

The Fund for New Jersey, a leading NJ foundation, turned to Taft for communications help in launching Crossroads NJ, a series of reports laden with evidence-based recommendations for policy reforms....
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November 20, 2017

How HEOR Can Claim the Spotlight

If HEOR teams don’t clearly and concisely define themselves, their discipline, and their mission, they risk failure and irrelevance. A thoughtful communications program aimed at colleagues will win...
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November 15, 2017

The Cobbler’s Children Got New Shoes!

Anyone who runs a service business knows that clients always come first. That mentality sometimes comes at the expense of taking care of the firm’s own needs. The painter’s house needs a fresh...
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October 30, 2017

Taft Client Shares Groundbreaking Research on Clean Energy

ReThink Energy NJ releases first-of-its-kind report outlining affordable alternatives to harmful fossil fuels and a three-part approach to lower harmful carbon emissions and save NJ ratepayers...
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September 26, 2016

New Name, Refreshed Vision, New Website Are Coming Your Way From Taft

New Name, Refreshed Vision, New Website Are Coming Your Way From Taft You may have noticed our email address recently changed to @taftcommunications from @taftandpartners. What’s going...
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