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The global healthcare ecosystem is changing with astonishing speed. The pandemic, vaccine skepticism, equitable access, and cost are just a few of the many challenges which demand that key players addressing health issues have the right plan and the right guidance. If they are to weather the storm and thrive, they must communicate from a place of purpose.

Our team of former industry executives, journalists, health policy advocates, and corporate purpose specialists understand the nuances of the health sector and how to simplify complicated messages. Our communications programs are focused on clarifying the many ways our clients impact better public health, which builds trust with employees, customers, the community, brand partners, investors, and board leadership. By cementing not just ideas, but also relationships, our clients have the foundations they need to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

Learn how effective communications can help you build your brand reputation. 

Reputation management

When the topic is a key health issue such as addiction & mental health, maternal and child health, or cancer research, you want to be included in the conversation and seen as an authority. We enhance visibility and awareness of your organization’s efforts in these areas so you’re not just contributing to the discussion, you’re driving it.

Issue campaigns

Sometimes you need to open people’s eyes to sides of healthcare they haven’t considered before. Or, things they’ve actively avoided. We believe that taking a stand and embracing a mission with conviction is a winning formula. Whether the issue is public health, or behavioral change, communicating from a place of purpose is powerful.

Employee engagement strategy & campaigns

Advancing health initiatives is about people, and it takes many people buying in to make them successful. To get your team fully invested, we build a message platform and communications plan that explains the “why” behind the work, and then outline the tactics to deliver it. The result? Employee teams that believe in — and are committed to — what they’re doing.

Thought leadership

There’s so much experience in a seasoned leadership team — don’t keep it to yourself. When we elevate executives into the role of thought leaders, we help them expand their influence across a much larger playing field — whether related to a specific disease state or public health challenge. Along the way, your organization’s brand image rises as well.

Change communications

No industry is changing faster than healthcare. The explosion of new technologies, treatments, acquisitions, and mergers — to name just a few variables — can either lead to confusion in employee teams, or excitement. Our change communications rely on authenticity to shine a light on the optimism in what lies ahead.

Foundation communications

With our unique range of experience across health, corporate, and nonprofit sectors, we understand the communication challenges of healthcare systems, hospital foundations, pharmaceutical foundations, and disease-related nonprofits and foundations. There is a special art to increasing awareness of programs and motivating donors to take action. We understand the mindset of grantmakers and grantseekers and can help sharpen their communications accordingly.

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