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Corporate Purpose and Responsibility

Without a clearly defined and articulated purpose, an organization is lacking its strongest source of power. Today, more than ever, a team must know at an intrinsic level who they are, why they exist, and who they are built to serve.

Taft helps our clients identify their core purpose, vision, and values. And then we help them communicate how they fulfill their environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities to a diverse set of stakeholders — employees, customers, investors, non-profit partners, advocacy groups, and local communities.

Our seasoned experts are experienced across the purpose journey — from a start-up company or nonprofit seeking to define their positioning for the first time, to an established Fortune 500 in need of a refresh.

Learn how corporate purpose and responsibility and effective communications can contribute to an authentic company culture.

Corporate purpose & strategy assessment

A big part of knowing where you need to go is gathering the right information about where you stand today. We’ll review existing materials and talk to key stakeholders to understand which pieces to build around and which to revise and evolve.

Executive thought leadership

Your team can be a resource to others if their expertise is showcased and amplified  the right way. We combine message development with digital strategies to get your team leaders noticed as leading voices — and ambassadors for the purpose that drives your organization.

Partnership design & activation

Teaming up with a like-minded partner can open doors and spark growth that never would have materialized on its own. We research, source, and facilitate pairings that are mutually beneficial and help both partners expand impact.

Purpose, vision, values platform development

The key to building purpose, vision, and values the right way is talking to the right people. Our structured process may include a combination of one-on-one interviews, focus group discussions, online surveys, and other tools. We use those inputs to unlock the key pillars that will support your new direction.

Social impact, sustainability, & DEI campaigns

When the time is right and the foundation is in place, it’s time to get the word out. We help distill the many important parts of your organization’s purpose down to the most core elements that make up a memorable, engaging communications campaign. A successful campaign doesn’t just win hearts and minds — it also changes behavior.

Executive leadership workshops & coaching

Effective leaders know that much more goes into communication than just the words. Body language, energy, voice — it all adds up to the presence necessary to inspire others. In Taft ClearPoint®, we offer an entire coaching practice that specializes in ensuring executives are full equipped to realize the power of their purpose through their most impactful voice.

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