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Employee Engagement

The evidence is clear: engaged employees perform better, experience less burnout, and stay in organizations longer. That makes communications an integral piece of how employers successfully attract and retain great people.

We understand the importance of employees identifying with an organization’s clearly defined mission and seeing how their individual contributions impact that shared goal. Just as important, leaders need to take a stand and be ambassadors for purpose, delivering their message with empathy and authenticity.

Taft counsels our clients — whether a global corporation, nonprofit, or smaller start-up — through a team of communications strategists, writers, designers, and coaches. Most of us have previously worked within large organizations, so we understand that engagement is a continuous process that identifies, validates, and creates meaningful experiences. And those experiences are the foundation for long-term commitment and growth.

Learn how effective communications and employee engagement can contribute to an authentic company culture.

Employee Value Proposition development

Successful hiring and retention rely on communication. Give an employee a sense of the experience and culture they can expect in return for their hard work, and you have gone a long way toward building a healthy, sustainable relationship. We distill the most important components down to a concise, effective EVP and develop a plan for communicating it.

Leadership message strategy & development

A good leader has a clear, recognizable voice, and a vision for the road ahead. To avoid getting lost in the clutter of other communication, a consistent voice and vision are key. We develop the core content, map a plan, and determine the best tactics to carry it out.

DEI communications assessment

A culture of belonging is the healthy foundation on which a team is able to build success. We review and assess current materials and messaging through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion, then create a plan to optimize existing materials and create anything new that may be needed. Having a fresh, outside look at how you foster inclusiveness and belonging can open doors and help garner participation from more people from more backgrounds.

Change or new initiative communications

Transition periods and new initiatives can be great opportunities for growth — or, with poor communication, they can stir up problems and sow division. Communicating clearly, authentically, and with humanity can be the difference between energizing a team and deflating it. We help develop the messaging and navigate the roll-out to showcase the advantages of change.

Engagement audits

If you want to know how members of a team are feeling, go to the source. We help craft strategic interview sessions and surveys, which combine to create a snapshot of strengths and opportunities for growth within a team or organization. Only by hearing the honest truth can you create a plan to move forward.

Event concepts, content & management

There are times when Zoom calls aren’t enough. When you have the opportunity to bring the team together for an important live event, we help put all the pieces in place. From developing a theme to producing content to run-of-show and logistics — we help plan everything out and tie it all together for maximum impact.

Executive leadership workshops & coaching

Teams are reflections of their leadership. When a leader conveys confidence, vision, and humanity, the team picks up on it and feeds off that energy. Our Taft ClearPoint® coaching practice specializes in team dynamics and builds skills through one-on-one coaching and group sessions led by seasoned executive coaches — many of whom have been executives themselves.

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