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DEI Communications - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

When it comes to a DEI program, the right intention is a good place to start, but it’s not enough to ensure success. You also need proper planning, messaging, implementation, and follow-through.

Our team serves as an auditor of current culture, a strategic partner in planning and creating new programs, and an ongoing hub of resources — ranging from a DEI Knowledge Center customized for your organization to our Taft ClearPoint® leadership coaching practice.

We practice what we preach (see our JEDI plan) and help your team create a safe and inclusive environment where all team members are able to share diverse opinions. That, in turn, fosters greater creativity, innovation, and a more resilient organization.

Watch our webinar: DEI in the Workplace: A National Perspective

DEI leaders discuss the results of Taft Communications’ national State of Diversity® Survey and the challenges faced by employers today. You’ll hear about best practices, with a particular focus on the role internal and external communications play to create an authentic culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Learn the language that puts DEI training into practice:

Workplace Communications Assessment

You’ll know where your existing efforts stand after we analyze whether your internal communications are inclusive and effective in today’s climate. Based on what we find, Taft will create, field, and interpret a DEI communications survey of your employees to find the right path.

DEI Event Planning

Words and visuals have their place, but sometimes you need to bring people together to truly drive change. Taft will work with you to plan your event’s purpose and goal, source speakers, script content, design the theme and presentations, and manage logistics and the event — whether in person or a virtual setting.

DEI Data & Research

In addition to keeping up with the latest relevant data, Taft’s award-winning annual State of Diversity Survey® — our proprietary annual poll on workplace attitudes and perceptions — will give you data you can build on.

DEI Knowledge Center

We’ll make sure you get the most from team meetings, emails and guest speakers through a central hub of clear and compelling company materials, study resources, and themed messages customized for your needs.

Communications Workshops & Coaching

Taft ClearPoint’s coaching expertise, in one-on-one sessions, group clinics, and specialized workshops will give your key people the skills and confidence to communicate DEI so it’s understood and practiced.

Let’s get started.

Send us an email to see how we can help make the most of your DEI programs. 

Attitudes on diversity in US workplaces show significant divisions by race, gender, political affiliation

Attitudes on diversity in US workplaces show significant divisions by race, gender, political affiliation

Taft's annual poll shows America’s workplaces are offering greater exposure to diversity
than what individuals may experience in their home and social interactions.
See all the results here.

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