Our History

Taft has been helping companies and causes tell their stories for almost 35 years. The firm began in 1983 as a marriage of complementary skills — quite literally.

Co-founders Mara Connolly Taft and Pete Taft are a wife-and-husband team who hold a deeply shared commitment to communicating the unique passion and purpose of companies, causes, and their leaders. Since then, “Team Taft” has grown, learning from the best and the brightest in business, creative services and nonprofits, including years of best practices with Fortune 500 firms. In the process, we’ve won dozens of honors and awards.

The firm has also developed deep expertise in several specialty fields. In 2001, we launched PharmApprove®, now part of the NDA Group, one the world’s leading drug development consultancies. And our practice in leadership communications, ClearPoint, has become the go-to source for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to acquire skills to master today’s “constant conversation.” The common thread? Strategic communications that achieve success and inspire meaningful change in the world.


Our employees love Taft as much as our clients do. And we are an interesting and eclectic bunch. We’re actors, activists, artists, advertisers, journalists, lawyers, Ph.D.s, digital mavens, and executives. We’re accomplished storytellers, effective strategists, innovative branders, active listeners, and committed partners to our clients.

And members of Team Taft also give back. We share a belief in the importance of public service, volunteering and donating to end hunger and homelessness, preserve water and the environment, and use the arts to build community. Some of us have even helped create new entities as part of our civic service — NJ Policy Perspective, Einstein’s Alley, The PotLuck Society, Dress for Success Mercer County and NJ Sustainable Business Council, to name just a few.

We want our time and talents to make a difference.


Our Values

We practice what we preach at Taft. Our foundational values express our work and culture: Integrity, Authenticity, Curiosity, Collaboration, Diversity and good old-fashioned Common Sense. They’re not just words. They reflect how we live. Check out the thinking behind our values.


Team Taft believes in doing the right thing — for our clients, our employees, and the public at large. We live in a challenging world, and want to make it a better place — something we’ve been doing since 1983. With Team Taft you can depend on this: Ethical counsel and responsible actions, for the greater good. No exceptions.


Go somewhere else if you want razzle-dazzle jargon or cookie-cutter solutions. Team Taft delivers the real thing. We’re straight shooters who put our imagination, experience, and problem-solving skills to work to help you achieve your goals. Notice the occasional Hawaiian shirt, nose ring, or shaved head? That’s just who we are. At Taft, what you see is what you get.


Team Taft listens. We ask questions. Lots of them. We do our homework, big time. We hire instinctively creative people, the kind who are just born curious. They like to figure new things out, and absolutely hate preconceived ideas. That’s how we make sure what’s heard is your voice — not ours.


You hear that word a lot. But crafting winning messages and sound strategy truly is a team sport. We don’t dictate. We roll up our sleeves and get to work with you, going that extra mile — or ten. We’ll help you — and learn from you, too. That’s how we get better. Together.


What happens when you throw different kinds of people together to work on different kinds of projects? Great ideas of every kind. Team Taft includes folks of many stripes, men and women who’ve experienced life from many different angles. We do more than pay lip service to diversity. We embrace it to be smarter for our clients.


Common sense is, of course, uncommon. But at Team Taft, smart solutions rule. We’re constantly searching for the most universal, most understandable solution that meets people where they are and moves them where they want to go. We’re thinkers, not over-thinkers.

Taft Keeps it Green

Taft Keeps it Green

Taft Keeps it Green

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We're really proud of this stuff.
Healthcare Advertising Award
2019 – Healthcare Marketing Report
Diversity & Inclusion Award
2016 – PR News
North America Corporate/B2B Agencies of the Year
2017 – The Holmes Report
Top Public Relations Firms
2015 – NJBIZ
Top 50 Women in Business
2016 – NJBIZ
Top 50 Women in Business
2015 – NJBIZ
Princeton Chamber of Commerce Women of Achievement

Our Work

Want to know more? We’ve helped clients across the nonprofit, education, healthcare, technology, and a host of other sectors reach the audiences that matter most.