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Our Agency's Focus Areas

We specialize in reaching goals. All of our focus areas have one thing in common — a drive to expand impact. Taft helps companies and causes, for-profits, nonprofits, and foundations from all over the world move audiences to action. Here’s where you'll find us hard at work.


To build a loyal and sustained community of support, you have to stand for something. We help our partners identify what matters most to their organizations and harness its power for the benefit of all stakeholders — from the public to their employees to the Earth itself. >> Learn more.


It’s never been more clear that the strongest organizations are built on a wide base of experiences — and that everyone has a role to play in ending systemic racism. We help our partners build and communicate a more inclusive, more resilient culture through DEI communications. >> Learn more.


Want your people to share the best of themselves? Then share an authentic vision — based in core truths — of your organization and why the work matters. That leads to a more engaged team, which, of course, drives more overall success. >> Learn more.


We help build better health outcomes by building culture. That includes a culture of commitment in teams developing life-changing medicines. It also includes cultures within communities, where people recognize and remove obstacles to accessing their best health. >> Learn more.


We stand up for clean energy. We sit down with internal teams to generate engagement on critical topics related to the planet. There’s no time to waste, so we help clients explain the “why” and the “what” when it comes to a sustainable future. >> Learn more.


A clear story means greater impact. We help philanthropies, nonprofits, and education institutions tell their stories in ways that inspires action — and maximizes the relationships between institutions and their grantee partners. >> Learn more.


Your voice and truth are your most powerful assets. Our tools communicate them strategically, effectively, and efficiently.
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Public Relations

To be persuasive, you need to be noticed, relevant, and credible. Taft helps you earn the trust that’s essential to getting your story heard.

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Corporate Communications

We develop company and team stories that are clear, consistent, and rooted in a place of true purpose. When you broadcast your essence to a committed organization, the results are powerful. Learn about our Taft FUSESM process.


Branding & Advertising Branding & Advertising


Language matters. When it’s true, eye-opening, and memorable, you have the chance to not just reach people, but to change the way they see the world.

Woman working at computer with social media icons Woman working at computer with social media icons


Putting your message in the right place, at the right time, for the right audience — is everything. We expand impact by using the power and agility of digital and social media to your advantage.

Leadership communications Leadership communications


Building strong leaders ensures long-term success. Because leadership is a constant conversation®, we offer an entire practice dedicated to leadership communications and executive presence — Taft ClearPoint®.

Public Policy / Issue Advocacy Public Policy / Issue Advocacy


The marketplace of ideas is crowded and competitive — and the rules keep changing. Knowing how to navigate this world and how to shape public debate means knowing how to win.

Because leadership is a constant conversation®

Because leadership is a constant conversation®

How you communicate says everything. Taft ClearPoint® helps leaders communicate with authority, precision, and impact. Whether it's delivering a high-stakes presentation, leading a meeting or negotiation, writing an executive report, inspiring your team, or communicating with a difficult employee or client, effective communication is the key to your success.

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