Power of Purpose awards celebrates Team Taft

Power of Purpose awards celebrates Team Taft

Every year Taft reflects on the accomplishments from the past year and celebrates the team with our “Power of Purpose” awards.

Each team member receives an INSPIRE Award for a specific contribution or for exemplifying one of Taft’s core values. Then, we celebrate select staff who’ve been nominated by their peers for their extraordinary accomplishments in two areas: 1: outstanding achievement for serving our clients or supporting the team, and 2: advancing our focus area expertise.

This year’s top honorees include:

Meghan Bianco, director, media relations
Power of Purpose for Focus Area Advancement

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing sustainably.”

Meghan has steadily gained experience and knowledge in the renewable energy space, now playing a pivotal role on longstanding and newer clean energy accounts. Her commitment to growth and service delivery has made a huge impact on Taft’s leadership in communications for sustainability, a key focus area for Taft.

Grace Spencer, digital manager
Power of Purpose for Outstanding Achievement

“Don’t just inform, inspire.”

Grace’s social media management and strategy embodies Taft’s values — particularly for her creative and collaborative approach to LinkedIn content support for several mission-driven client leaders. Her efforts helped clients grow engagement, virality, and visibility. Always attuned to trends and client objectives, Grace brought fresh ideas and a positive spirit that helped Taft live up to its ethos of doing fantastic work, having fun, and changing the world.

Jesseka Kadylak, director, digital media & Aaron Brown, senior creative director
Power of Purpose for Outstanding Achievement, co-honorees

“Take a stand or fall behind.”

These two team members banded together to drive through an “all-out” blitz paid media campaign to share our client’s story and raise brand awareness. With the collaboration and leadership of the full account team, Aaron and Jesseka were on point for the speedy creative development and deployment of an initiative that established our client’s presence in the renewable energy future of our state. The compelling campaign generated trust for the organization, further demonstrated Taft’s commitment to environmental issues, and drove purposeful change on behalf of our client.


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