Taft Does Its Part to Save the World (One Reusable Mug at a Time)

Taft Does Its Part to Save the World (One Reusable Mug at a Time)

Taft Communications Adopts Preservation Policy to Decrease Carbon Footprint

Most businesses are concerned with keeping clients happy and making the green. Here at Taft, we are just as focused on keeping it green.

A few months ago, we began exploring how to make Taft a more environmentally-friendly office. It turns out we were already doing many of the practices recommended for an office of our size. The next step was to make our actions consistent and intentional. As a first step, we adopted an Environment Policy Statement that laid out our agency’s philosophy around environmental practices.

Our efforts were recently recognized by the NJ Sustainable Business Registry, which was launched by New Jersey Small Business Development Centers in 2014. The program encourages businesses that have implemented sustainable practices to register their sustainability actions and be recognized for these achievements.

Ted Deutsch, president of Taft Communications, reflected upon the significance of adding the Sustainable Business designation to Taft’s list of credentials. “Our clients appreciate the emphasis Taft places on sustainability,” he said. “People want to work with a company that lives its values — and in this case that includes protecting the environment.”

Through our work with our clients, Taft strives to impact the world through our storytelling. With Taft’s new designation as a sustainable business, we begin a new chapter in our story of being conscious of our habits and working to reduce our impact on the Earth, doing our part to ensure a “greener tomorrow.” We implement policies and recommendations to decrease our carbon footprint and negative impacts on the environment.

Our initiatives include:

  • comprehensive paper recycling
  • printing on both sides of the paper as a default
  • properly disposing of electronics when necessary
  • using reusable mugs rather than paper cups
  • putting timers on all lights and printers
  • encouraging walking meetings on the trails behind our building
  • offering employees work from home options to reduce commuting

Working from home one or two days per week saves non-renewable resources. Through a survey of our employees, we estimated that we saved 55,566 miles of driving, 1,900 gallons of gas, and $5,029 by working from home in the past year alone — that’s a lot of fossil fuel savings!

Taft is proud to be recognized with other businesses that share the same values toward our environment. We encourage other businesses to join the movement in environmental conservation.

The benefits — personal, environmental, and financial — make the time and thought worthwhile.

Find out how to register your own business with the NJ Sustainable Business Registration.

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