10 WebEx tips to manage conference calls & meetings

10 WebEx tips to manage conference calls & meetings

We’ve all been on conference calls or WebEx meetings where participants are speaking over one another, questions and comments lead to off-topic conversations or that run over the allotted time. You only have a handful of “tools” at your disposal when you’re running these types of meetings: How well you’re organized, the words you use, your voice tone and the command/control you bring to the effort.

These 10 WebEx tips will help you better manage conference calls and meetings:

  1. Treat it like it’s a radio show: You’re the host, in control. Listen to your favorite news/talk radio host (think NPR), and that will give you a hint as to how to move conversations forward with nothing but words and voice tone.
  2. Review your agenda, objectives and expectations up front; emphasize time limits to help keep things moving.
  3. Speak more slowly and clearly than you normally do, as well as a little louder.
  4. Use numbers a lot (“There are two issues on the table. One…and two…”); they help people follow where the conversation is going.
  5. Use names. Have people introduce themselves before they speak.
  6. Don’t ramble. Speak in short, clear and concise sentences.
  7. Be simple and clear in slide presentations — one point per slide.
  8. Use tone of voice to emphasize your key points.
  9. At the end, summarize conclusions and next steps.
  10. Make the clock the enemy; start and end on time.

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