Taft spotlight on diversity, equity and inclusion

November 30 2021
Taft Comms

In many situations — especially at work — we are socialized in a way that encourages us to avoid difficult or uncomfortable topics. There is a quick calculus that the discomfort or risk of upsetting someone is not worth the benefit. For diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and related communications to succeed, it is essential to push through that type of discomfort and have the tough conversations — yet the communications must be carefully planned, considered, and executed.

At Taft, we build communications strategies and tools that can help. Our team serves as an auditor of current culture, a strategic partner in planning and creating new programs, and an ongoing hub of specially curated resources. We can help your team create a safe and inclusive environment where all members are able to share diverse opinions, which serves to foster greater creativity, innovation, and a stronger and more resilient organization.

Meet Taft’s leader for our DEI work, Sheila Cort, through a quick Q&A. As she points out, once leaders have the right tools, the benefits can be remarkable.


If you seek a firm that not only specializes in DEI communications, but also “walks the talk,” we’d love to speak with you. Send an email or fill out the form below to start our conversation to explore the possibilities.


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