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New Poll: Attitudes on diversity in US workplaces show significant divisions by race, gender, political affiliation

America’s workplaces are on the leading edge of the US becoming a more pluralistic nation — offering greater exposure to diversity.

Taft Communications Joins PROI Worldwide

Taft Communications has been elected to partnership in PROI Worldwide, a leading global consortium of entrepreneurial communications agencies with partners in 55 countries.

More authentic, more effective

These days, the world expects more from both businesses and nonprofits. To stay viable and grow, organizations must communicate not just what they do, but also what they stand for.

For more than 35 years, Taft has helped our clients build value by building strong messaging foundations rooted in their core truths. We help our clients define their purpose, demonstrate its benefit, and expand its impact.

Focus areas

To speak with conviction, you need the right expertise. Our Public Relations Firm specializes in areas where we bring both true passion and decades of frontline, first-hand experience:


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Taft Spotlight on Employee Engagement

Taft Spotlight on Employee Engagement

The evidence is clear: Engaged employees perform better, experience less burnout, and stay in organizations longer. That makes communications an integral piece of how employers successfully attract and retain great people.
Taft Communications Announces Four Promotions of Key Talent

Taft Communications Announces Four Promotions of Key Talent

Taft Communications, a purpose-focused communications consultancy, announced the recent promotion of four team members to serve as associate directors. Meghan Bianco, Laura McCormick, Caitlin Chase and Jesseka Kadylak have each taken on increased responsibility for both internal and client-facing operations at Taft and will continue to provide hands-on service and counsel in their expanded roles. 
Style guidelines: A disciplined brand is a powerful brand

Style guidelines: A disciplined brand is a powerful brand

Does your organization's brand feel consistent? Or is it disjointed, with each communication looking and feeling different than the one before it?

If the brand seems to be constantly changing, it's an issue that's worth addressing.

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