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Connecting with patients in the virtual world

Healthcare providers must communicate in ways that strike the right balance between promoting innovative telehealth technologies and the personal patient experience.

Harnessing the energy of employees to protect the planet

In our recent webinar, panelists from Mastercard, Verizon and BMS, discussed what's driving companies’ mindsets regarding their efforts around environmental sustainability.

More authentic, more effective

These days, the world expects more from both businesses and nonprofits. To stay viable and grow, organizations must communicate not just what they do, but also what they stand for.

For more than 35 years, Taft has helped our clients build value by building strong messaging foundations rooted in their core truths. We help our clients define their purpose, demonstrate its benefit, and expand its impact.

Focus areas

To speak with conviction, you need the right expertise. We specialize in areas where we bring both true passion and decades of frontline, first-hand experience:


There’s a lot of noise in the world.
Here is some news that cuts through it.

Harnessing the energy of employees to protect the planet

Today, “what’s the Risk of Inaction?” is replacing “what’s the Return on Investment?” in driving companies’ mindset regarding their efforts around environmental sustainability. Watch our recent webinar.

It just takes one person to make a difference

In this extraordinarily challenging time, it’s important to recognize everyday people whose good work shows that everyone can make a difference. What might seem to be a small gesture can have a life-changing impact on thousands of people.

Taft’s Ted Deutsch talks corporate social responsibility on ‘NJBIZ Conversations’

On a recent installment of “NJBIZ Conversations,” Taft CEO Ted Deutsch discussed how companies are getting more serious about determining — and widely articulating — a purpose beyond the financial bottom line.

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