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We first listen and understand your challenges, and then customize our leadership communication training for the biggest impact.


The Leadership LabSM

teaches participants how to develop and apply the three fundamentals of leadership communications: presence, engagement, and influence.

Pitch PerfectSM

takes participants on a journey from blank page to persuasive PowerPoint presentation using a series of videotaped drills and exercises.

The Write StuffSM

teaches the tools and techniques needed to write for business — emails, memos, reports, and the like — with greater clarity, precision, and impact.

Speaking ScienceSM

helps technically-oriented professionals (scientists, physicians, statisticians) “make the complex compelling” in both informal (elevator speeches, e.g.) and formal presentations.

Why Before WhatSM

shows how to engage an audience from the start of any presentation — elevator speech to keynote address.

Meet the PressSM

shows participants how to “stay on message” and answer questions in front of the media and other challenging audiences (analysts, boards, etc.).

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Speak to Me

Emphasizing the firm belief that “you’re always communicating” — even when you believe you’re not — this module underscores the importance of word choice, communications structure, voice tone, body language, listening skills, and affect. It explores the important difference between personal (with friends and family) and business (with reports, peers and management) communications — in other words, pointing out “what works at work.”

Dealing With...

How do we effectively communicate in the face of challenging people — be they direct reports, peers, senior management, the board members, or clients? We’ll assay the various personality types of all, and describe communications tools (including specific language) that can be applied to navigate through the choppy waters created by challenging people

Onward, Upward

How does a leader encourage others? What are the tools good leaders use to motivate their teams to achieve their goals? In this module, we examine the definition of leadership and study its arsenal of weapons, seeing how those weapons might be applied in your unique situation, including how to motivate struggling, as well as top performers.

Telling Stories

Master the art of delivering a story/narrative to effectively convey a business message. Cut across barriers, create interest, and engage your audience

Engineered For...

Uncovers the techniques necessary to deliver dense, often complex concepts, diagrams and charts in clear, understandable ways to any audience. Focuses heavily on the use of PowerPoint to ”tell the complex story" and deliver scientific material to virtually any audience.

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