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We help educational institutions hone their visions and get their stories told through resonant messaging and targeting tactics.

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Universities don’t hire us to simply “do public relations” or “run digital marketing campaigns.” They hire us to ask tough questions, imagine creative solutions, and tell their unique stories. Our work generally falls into the following six categories, but, truth is, we do what it takes to achieve your goals.

Public Relations
Whatever the audience, you need to be persuasive — with students or alumni, professors or board members or elected officials or policymakers. For that to happen, people need to be aware of you, understand and trust you. Taft helps you earn the credibility that’s essential to getting your story heard.
Digital & Social Media
Need a persuasive and enhanced digital marketing campaign? A social media video that will sway minds? Taft is tech savvy, agile, and expert in matters digital. We’ll strategically target your message to the digital platforms used most by the audience you need to reach.
Corporate Communications
All corporate messaging should be orchestrated to resonate to the tune of a constant theme. We’ll help you integrate your internal and external messages using our tried-and-true methodology for developing targeted strategic business communications and employee campaigns. We provide clients with the extraordinary power of clarity and consistency across all audiences.
Leadership Communications
In this ever-connected world, leadership has become a “constant conversation.” Using workshops, clinics, and coaching, Taft ClearPoint teaches leaders and aspiring leaders how to communicate — in the meeting room or boardroom, online and on land, on the phone or on FaceTime — clearly, concisely and confidently.
Branding & Advertising
Using our unique brand creation process, we create positive first, second, and lasting impressions — and make them stick. No wonder some of the brands we’ve helped create, launch or advertise — Splenda®, Poland Spring® and Nutella®, for example — are still around and so much in demand. 
Public Policy / Issue Advocacy
The marketplace of ideas is crowded and competitive. What’s more, the rules keep changing. You need messaging and tactics presented in a clear, compelling narrative to shape the terms of public debate. We’ll get your story told through the most resonant message and targeted tactics.

Our Work

Finding the right voice and telling the right story is a powerful combination. See how we've helped businesses and nonprofits reach their goals.